The entire YMCA parking lot and the area below the practice field is off limits for Buccaneer parking.  We need to park in the main Anacapa parking lot(s) (See image below).  You may park along Telegraph, but please note that the gate between the YMCA parking lot and the practice field may be locked.

Do not park in area where curbs are painted red.

We have also received numerous complaints from the school district about people parking in front of the yellow gate in the parking lot on Mills.  DO NOT park in front of or near this gate as it is a fire hazard and you are also preventing school staff from exiting their parking area.

*** Please do not park, drop off or pick up in the lots marked with red in this image.  We will be monitoring the lots this season and issuing warnings.  Multiple warnings will result in game suspensions for your child. ***

Thank you for your cooperation!

Alcohol, Drugs, Weapons & Dogs/Pets

We have a strict policy against the use and/or possession of alcohol, drugs and weapons at any Ventura Buccaneer event.

Dogs and other pets are also prohibited from being on any school property during games or practices.  Please DO NOT bring your pets to games or practices.

Please respect the rules of the Ventura Unified School District and the Ventura Buccaneer Youth Football & Cheer Organization.  If you witness anyone using or possessing alcohol, drugs or weapons on the premise of a Ventura Buccaneer event, please report it to us immediately by calling (805) 628-2799.